Quarters Barbering

Helping train the next generation of barbers

The Quarters was set up by Jake Hillery after he’d completed his own training to become a barber. Jake wanted to create a bespoke and modern experience for men to get their hair cut, growing from one barber shop to four in just 18 months. But that was just the beginning.

What we did together: branding, website design, copywriting, paid media, social content, motion graphics
The Quarters Barbering Academy

Creating the next generation

Jake soon found out that finding barbers with up-to-date skills was pretty difficult. He was actively teaching new starters of modern cutting techniques and then took it upon himself to start an academy where people could learn how to be a modern master barber.

We created an online platform for The Quarters Barbering Academy to allow people from across the UK to book a variety of training sessions with Jake and his team at his Northampton facility.


We don’t stop at huge growth, there’s always something more

Within the first two years of the academy going live, the platform had allowed over 200 people to train to be a barber, giving the business a ROI of 563%. Due to the effects of the pandemic, The Quarters Academy needed to change direction quickly. This is when the online academy was created to help train people in a new profession who had lost their jobs.

Creating a buzz on social media

We needed to create a campaign that would both educate and drive potential customers to the new online barbering academy site. The online academy was a new concept for many, meaning people could learn a new skill from their own home during the global pandemic. Our campaign was carefully targeted towards different audiences using split tested ads and landing pages to get the best result. Our campaign led to over 100 sign ups in the short space of time after the academy was launched.

The Quarters Barbering Academy
The Quarters Barbering

We believe trust is earned, not given

We have been working closely with Jake on multiple arms of his business for the past four years and every time we complete a project, the relationship gets stronger. We believe in partnering with brands, we will advise with what you need, as well as what you don’t, to help you achieve your business goals.