I’m out of a job, and AI is to blame!

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I’m out of a job, and AI is to blame!

So by now I’m sure pretty much everyone has seen the masses of posts about AI coming to steal our jobs. One of the careers at the top of the ‘risk list’ are designers. ALL DESIGNERS.

I’ve lost count of the endless threads and articles I’ve seen from people outside of the design industry shouting about how great AI is at replacing us all. By using tools like Midjourney, anyone can now write a simple prompt to create a fully formed UI design, a beautiful logo or generated image at the click of a button.

And my oh my, don’t they look nice

But for the most part, that’s about it. The issue with these AI outputs for UI especially is really the same issue that a lot of UI designs on Dribbble face, they aren’t fit for purpose because they have no purpose.

Yeah, the creative brain is soothed and satisfied by the perfect layout, beautiful typography and seamless colour palette. But there’s no research attached to it, no knowledge of who is using the website meaning no audience research for the brand that the logo is trying to sell. 

Dribbble is full of great-looking UI that has terrible UX, and most of the output from AI is the same.

Obviously, this AI boom has only just begun and who knows what the future holds for UI generation. But for now, I think I’m safe.

Let’s be honest though, I am responsibly leveraging AI wherever I can and any designer who isn’t needs to get in quick. 

We’re using ChatGPT to help generate real-world content instead of Lorem Ipsum to make it easier for our clients to understand how their website will look. But, we’re doing this in combination with professional knowledge of our clients needs and the audience they want to engage with.

By using the same seed in Midjourney, we’re creating 100% bespoke images for layouts that follow the same aesthetic without having to spend hours trawling stock websites. This saves our clients budgets, meaning they’re not paying for stock images, or our time to find the right ones.

We’re even using AI to help us create a SaaS product that will help brands convert users on their websites at a higher rate.

So this article isn’t an ‘AI is rubbish’ stab, but more of a ‘don’t put us all in the bin yet’ plea.

AI assistance is the future of our sector for sure, so my advice is to get on board at the start and become an AI Master.