Beatlab Audio

Beatlab Audio

Scaling up the music sample scene from initial brand development to an ROI of over 1000%

In 2015, Beatlab Audio didn’t exist. Now, it’s one of the biggest online independent music sample stores in the UK. We built everything from the ground up, from the brand, to the website, to complex digital download areas.

Competing with established brands and world-renowned DJs who sell their own packs was no mean feat. But through thorough research, a considered strategy and a strong visual identity, Beatlab has become what it is today: a dance producer’s cornucopia.

What we worked on

Web design
Social media

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I have worked closely with Ollie from Ohana for over a decade, and his invaluable contributions have played a pivotal role in propelling Beatlab to heights I couldn't have imagined.‍
Mike Stonebank
Mike Stonebank
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