Serious Accident Solicitors

Serious Accident Solicitors

Showing compassion in a digital world when people need it most

We created a content-heavy Webflow website on the Lumos framework and leveraging custom integrations with external platforms to streamline the prospect onboarding flows. The site is built and focused on an easily scalable design system with custom components and user flows. Using Figma wireframes and full visuals to cement the new brand style the site was then built over 7 days with content entry taking a further 7.

We also implemented an optimised onboarding process that removed the friction of long forms for lead generation. They involved us integrating the Webflow website with the CRM system to collect the user's data over two separate form fills.

What we worked on

Web design
Social media

Completed in

I am really pleased with it and so nice to get launched!
Nia Charles
Nia Charles
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