The Dogs Bollox


A fresh approach to the world of men’s grooming

In the male grooming industry, The Dogs Bol**x wanted to stand out for all the right reasons. Giving a portion of their proceeds directly to charity to help combat testicular cancer, we knew it was a project we had to be involved in.

What we worked on

Web design

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A brand with some balls!

The main objective for the brand was to make it jump off the shelf. With the British bulldog centred branding emblazoned across every product and a double hit of Pantone printing on the packaging, the colours popped off the black creating the confident design we were striving for.

I have worked with Ollie for nearly a decade, and the service I have get never changes. It's fast, reliable and he always understands how to get the best for my brand.
Sebastian Cummings
Sebastian Cummings
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